3 Steps towards Less Stress and More Wellness


If you are stressed and looking for non medicinal ways to deal with it, this blog might help you as it discusses 3 proven steps to lower stress and enhance good life via Naturopathic medicine treatment.

The best part about Naturopathy is that it provides drugless treatment solutions. It believes in treating the body as a whole and not just the problem areas by eliminating the root cause of the disease. If you are stressed, kindly follow these 3 proven steps to reduce stress.

  1. Come in contact with Mother Nature

As the name suggests, Naturopathic medicine treatment has its inception from nature. It speaks of 5 powerful elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. This means, the more you live in harmony with the principles of nature, the better are your chances of enjoying a healthy life. Coming in contact with nature implies doing morning yoga in your garden, taking small walks in the park, swimming and more.

  1. Pamper your body

Just like computers or refrigerators our body is also a biological machine that requires rest and frequent servicing. Aside from the 6-7 hours sleep, your body desires additional attention in the form of steamed bath, vibrating massage and Castle Rock acupuncture.

  1. Spiritual, mental and physical balance

How can you take better control of activities? It is simple – by balancing your spiritual, mental and physical state. As you get to balance the rhythm, you can better take charge of your actions and are more composed. Castle rock family acupuncture and wellness clinic helps you walk the holistic path through Naturopathic medicine, massage, nutritional diet and acupuncture for pain management.


How to choose the Best Castle Rock Acupuncture

o-ACUPUNCTURE-facebookSince the dawn of healthcare, acupuncture has been considered as one of the most beneficial aid in treating pain, insomnia, distress, fatigue and chronic illness. You must be aware of the technique by now. In this blog we are going to discuss how to choose the best acupuncturist in the Castle Rock area.

Pain in bones and muscles is not every uncommon in Castle Rock because of the chilled weather. Although summers are comparatively warmer, but it lasts only for two or three months, overshadowed by cloud and rain. During the winter, be ready to welcome the sub-zero mornings where your bones get tapped in the wind chills. Thus, it is best to find out a Castle Rock family acupuncture that is close to your home, so that you do not have to travel longer. If you know someone who has tried the service of Castle Rock Acupuncture ask for his or her experience with the clinic.

Remember, that acupuncture is a part of naturopathic medicine treatment which can offer a cure for several chronic diseases. Choose a clinic that excels in taking care of different treatments like , sleep disorder, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain etc. Last, but not the least, know how much you are willing to spend to achieve wellness. If you come across a service that suits your budget as well as requirement for treatment, you can give it a go.

How does Naturopathy help to reduce pains?

archana-ram-acupunctureIt is today an era where alternative medicine therapy is making its presence felt in the medical industry. Hence, this development gives you more options just in case you are suffering from any form of medical ailments. In fact, slowly but steadily this form of alternative medicine is gaining ground and just in case you suffering, there is always the option to have a look at naturopathic medicine treatment. It is an alternative medicine where the focus is on a natural self-healing process.

Hence, just in case of flare up of any form of pain, just take a hard look at the various naturopathic treatment options. You can certainly opt for acupuncture for pain management just in case, there is a terrible body pain arising from nowhere. The acupuncture theory falls under this alternative medicine and the process is about soft needle incursions into your body. We have stressed on the term soft incursions and that just rules out any form of pain occurring due to needle incursions.

We suggest that just set up an appointment with this one top Castle Rock acupuncture professional and the specialist offering acupuncture therapy will quickly start work on your body or the precise pain area. There will, however, be a few tests done to see whether your body can withstand the acupuncture session or not.

You will, however, have to make a few visits to this Castle Rock family facility offering you the best of acupuncture therapy for pain management.  The process looks to improve body function and even promote self-healing. After availing just a few sessions the pain should disappear in quick time and you will feel a lot relieved. Hence, just in case you are suffering just feel free to contact the facility.

Interesting facts to know about Acupuncture

imgIt is the emergence of alternative medicine therapy, which means some good news for any of you who suffer quite frequently. In this age, alternative medicine therapy is preferred because a recent study conducted showed that patients are a lot more confident with this form of treatment. Hence, just in case you are suffering from pain and would love to get rid of it quickly, we suggest that you evaluate the options of acupuncture for pain management.

The acupuncture therapy is all about needle incursions into your body. It sounds strange but that is what it is about. The needles are however soft and if you avail the treatment from someone experienced, there is every chance that your improvement will be quick. That is just the reason for us to suggest that you consult this one top professional offering acupuncture cum naturopathic medicine treatment here in Castle Rock.

Both these theories fall under the alternative medicine therapy and can quickly relieve you of the pain. You can avail the best of Castle Rock acupuncture treatment for a whole range of issues. In fact, we would like to say that acupuncture treatment sessions allow your mind-body to relax and this is vital if you are suffering from fertility concerns. The acupuncture treatment sessions help you to do a smooth conceiving process.

Of late the sessions on offer from the professional offering, you Castle Rock family acupuncture have a lot more to offer. In fact, the sessions help women to fight off anti aging scars. The sessions allow moisture inclusion into your body and that helps to fight of anti-aging signs from the face. Hence, its utility is just extreme and you will love to undergo acupuncture sessions in Castle Rock.

Constant stress? Know how to beat it

Schuessler salt N0. 8 Natrium chloratum D6Let’s face the truth – stress is a part of life and, practically, we cannot live without it. Be it work related pressures or failed family relationships, at some point in life we all experience stress and most of us learn to live with it. But the more you browse about stress, the more you know how adversely it can affect your health.

Stress disorders have skyrocketed, with that almost 25% of the world population is recorded to have depression. There is recent news about climbing suicide rates in Castle Rock, Colorado region. For this reason, more and more people are harboring on naturopathic medicine treatment to deal with severe depression and stress.

You can adopt some healthy habits to stay fit and combat stress. You need no meds that comes with side effect and no harsh treatments… just a healthy lifestyle.

Big no to caffeine and alcohol

Many people drink coffee and alcohol to relax. But this approach to reduce stress has far reaching effects. Short-term effects are hangover, increased urination, thirst and insomnia. Long-term effects are forgetfulness, depression, anger and sometimes bipolar behavior. After all, it’s a healthy diet that leads to a healthy mind.

Acupuncture to relieve stress

Acupuncture is a largely practiced naturopathic treatment. Castle Rock Acupuncture can be a great way to relieve stress naturally. But it is more suitable for those with mild to moderate anxiety. The effectiveness of acupuncture for pain management has been tested and proven, but as far as severe depression is concerned, its effectiveness still varies from person to person.

If you are planning to relieve stress, get in touch with an experienced wellness and health care center that would listen to your problem carefully and offer treatment with utmost care. Castle Rock family acupuncture serves exactly the way your family would care for you.

3 Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine treatment


Naturopathy is dominating the health care industry because of its holistic approach and goodness of nature. This blog introduces 3 top benefits of naturopathic medicine treatment that comes with zero side-effects.

Everyone knows that healthy eating and regular workouts are good for your health. But are you familiar with the holistic approach to treating sickness and disorder of all kinds? It’s called Naturopathy. Naturopathy comprises both modern and traditional healing techniques, from herbal medicines, to acupuncture to nutrition.

This blog unfolds you some benefits that naturopathic medicines bag.

  1. Pain management

This holistic alternative treatment works great on chronic pain. By identifying the presence of imbalance that leads to pain, it is able to figure out the nature of pain and treat it accordingly. The pain is basically treated by acupuncture. You will be told to lie comfortably while accurate acu-points are stimulated on the parts of your body. Most of the patients feel no to minimal discomfort as the fine needles are lightly placed. Patients report that they feel very relaxed after the treatment.

To get the treatment done, choose a natural medicine center that offers acupuncture for pain management.

  1. Treat insomnia

Insomnia is a serious illness that leads to several deadly diseases if not treated. Rather than gulping sleeping pills, why not pick up a holistic alternative that is natural and comes with no side-effects. Yes, speaking of acupuncture again. Castle Rock Acupuncture and naturopathy center have found that patients with anxiety and insomnia reports that they fell asleep faster after acupuncture. Acupuncture increases melatonin production during the night and results in sound sleep. Castle Rock family acupuncture offers a range of healthcare programs tailored to your health issues.

  1. Boost immunity

As you know prevention is better than cure, we should combat diseases much before it enters our body. Through naturopathic medicine treatment you can prevent disease from entering your body. A combination of proper nutrition, botanical remedies and herbs can strengthen your immunity.

If you have questions or ideas related to naturopathy, do not fail to comment and share your ideas.


Acupuncture for Pain Management

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a therapy or a method or a treatment of healing the body with thin needles and without swallowing physical medicines. It is consider being an alternate method of curing certain diseases in human beings.

How it is done? What is the mechanism?

There are well trained personnel called Acupuncturist who use very thin, solid, metallic needles to insert in certain specific points in the skin tissues called Acupuncture points or Acupoints to metabolise the body and promote natural and self healing for that particular disease. It serves as a Naturopathic medicine and there are various techniques in Acupuncture. It is a method to promote and encourage natural healing by stimulating the internal chemicals and hormones without any pain. The Castle Rock Acupuncture specialists have been given upgraded training to serve the mass with quality services.

Is Acupuncture only for pain?

Acupuncture is a therapy for correcting the imbalances and energises the energy flow in our body and it is not just a pain relief therapy alone. Acupuncture for pain relief is considered to be one of the major and most widely used therapies. There are a variety of techniques in Acupuncture and sometimes heat pressure or mild electric current is also used along with the needles for the enhancement of the treatment.

It is very effective for the treatment of nausea and vomiting in adults following a surgery or taking chemotherapy. Apart from this, it also helps in curing certain other diseases like allergy, depression, anxiety, dysentery, facial pain, headache, migraine headache, hypertension, knee pain, low back pain, neck pain, pain in dentistry, sprain, stroke, digestive disorders, gastritis, hyperacidity, constipation, respiratory disorders, sinusitis, sore throat, asthma, addiction, stroke, chest infections, neurological and muscular disorders, rib neuritis, frozen shoulders, tennis elbow, urinary problems, morning sickness, menstrual and reproductive problems and infertility.

When does the treatment starts?

The basic process to even before starting the Acupuncture treatment is to know the health history of the concerned Individual. Then the examination of the tongue’s shape, colour, and coats are determined. The pulse is analysed and a few additional physical examinations is also done depending on the individual’s health. Only after a small analysis of all these examinations, the acupuncturist will recommend a proper treatment plan to address that particular condition.

The most common method to stimulate Acupoints is inserting needles but inserting needles is not the only process in Acupuncture. Even during the insertion of fine needles into the skin, pressure, heat, or electrical stimulation may also be used for further enhanced effects

There are various other techniques also used for Acupoints stimulation which includes manual massage, heat therapy, cupping, and the application of topical herbal medicines.

Acupuncture corrects and influences the imbalances in the energy flow. It encourages the body to promote natural healing and improve functioning and acupuncture may be useful as an adjunct treatment or an acceptable alternative or be included in a comprehensive management program.

In this growing world of diseases, Acupuncture has made a mark for its own self by its very natural way and for regaining the health and gaining back the energy and vitality and to optimize the health. Though being a very old technique, its importance is known world over for this being a technique for relief. Trust the experts at Castle Rock family acupuncture to get long term relief from illnesses.

Regain your health by entering a wellness path today

naturopathic-medicine-treatment2Pain and stress has become a very common problem at present. There are so many medicines available in the market to give relief from pain and stress. But are they really effective? This is a very important question. Most of the medicines give temporary relief. However, a permanent solution is the need of the hour. There is need to know the root cause of such pains, diagnose them and then follow a systematic treatment procedure.

Acupuncture has emerged out as a great solution not only to pains but a number of other health related problems. It is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is generally used only in combination with other forms of treatment. During acupuncture treatment, fine, sterile needles are inserted into the skin at different specific points in the body after swabbing alcohol at those points. This helps to rebalance the flow of energy and naturally heal many health issues. Castle rock acupuncture provides one such great experience and is successful in eradicating the root cause of a long list of health problems such as:

  • Pain in the different parts of the body

  • Allergies

  • Constipation and diarrhea

  • Asthma

  • Post stroke paralysis

  • Infertility

  • Indigestion

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Addiction

This is only a small list. There are many major and minor issues to count on. However, acupuncture for pain management plays a key role in the sphere of medical treatment. It is very successful in treating all types of body pains. Different kinds of body pain on which acupuncture is found effective include:

  • Chronic and acute shoulder, neck and back pain

  • Acute muscle strains and joint pains

  • Arthritis pain

  • Headaches and migraine pains

  • Painful menstruation

But it’s important to choose the right acupuncture center otherwise the problem gets even worse than before. Right acupuncture center is determined by the efficiency, expertise and experience of their professionals. Acupuncture is a very ancient form of healing and history says that it dates back to the Daoist tradition and almost more than 8000 years old. In fact, during the New Stone Age, the stones were shaped into fine needles and used as acupuncture instruments of healing. Today these crude instruments are created with high end technology and precision.

Naturopathic medicine treatment can also be carried out besides acupuncture as a very efficient method to cure heath ailments. It is based on the ground that the human body has an inherent ability to heal. This form of treatment tries to work on malfunctioning by restoring balance from within. The experts educate patients about their body functioning so that they take charge of their own health. They take into consideration every aspect of an individual at a time instead of treating its patients as a whole.

Naturopathic physicians use low risk procedure so that there are no side effects. They not only cure health issues but also take enough care towards prevention. Their expertise is beneficial in many uncountable ways.

The benefits of Acupuncture Services

The present era introduces the individuals to innovations, technology and inventions in almost every field. There must be those of you who are interested in the latest gadgets, then the ones who are a fan of lifestyle products and those who look for tips for seamless traveling. Accordingly, you follow the news. But, there is this one sector of news which you cannot trespass by. It is the news pertaining to the health benefits. So, even as you are reading this article, there are scientists working diligently and researching for a new drug or treatment for a disease.

Undoubtedly, the new methods have given hope to patients and families. At the same time, the treatment techniques have given way to new treatment, which are every bit amazing. The latter fall into the category of Alternative medical treatment, this inculcates Naturopathic Medicine treatment, Acupuncture and the like.

These treatments do have immense benefits, especially considering the fact that they are not associated with side effects. Acupuncture is one such treatment, which has seen the immense benefit amongst users. Well, most of you have heard about the Acupuncture for Pain Management, there are other advantages associated with it too.

Here is a list of benefits you can avail by associating with the ace Castle Rock Acupuncture clinic or the like:-

  1. Reduces depression rates-in the present day of depression, anxiety and tension it becomes really needful to combat the impact it has on the health of the individual. With the aid of the Acupuncture therapy, it helps in fighting the anxieties. And at the same time it makes you optimistic and thus makes you feel healthy.

  2. Combats Migraine- it is really amazing as to the number of people, who are suffering from the disease. Teenagers too have to deal with this sort of disorder. However, with the medical protocol associated with Acupuncture, a positive and lasting treatment is what results. In fact, acupuncture has been seen to be effective in a number of headaches other than migraines,

  3. Enhances fertility rate in women- the present lifestyle has ensured that many women are not able to conceive or are developing fertility issue. It has been proven that acupuncture has the capability to enhance the fertility rate by 50%.

  4. Back pain- you will be surprised as to the number of people who are dealing with back pains amidst your family members and colleagues. In accordance with the recent study, the acupuncture treatment is able to stimulate the nervous system, which in turn activates the release of chemicals in the brain, spinal cord and muscles.

  5. Reducing weight- maintenance of body weight is pursued with the help of acupuncture treatment. This is pursued with the aid of acupuncture, which enhances the metabolism rate.

So, go ahead avail the beneficial acupuncture treatment, like that associated with castle rock family acupuncture services, which are the finest in the realm. It would definitely ensure a healthy you and a happier life.

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