Are you suffering from a lingering pain for years? Tired of being at the mercy of painkillers? Try our acupuncture for pain management. Rather than suppressing your symptoms or providing temporary relief, we believe in finding and treating each person’s condition or distress. The team of practitioners at Colorado follow an essential holistic approach, treating each person as a unique individual.

Insomnia? Deep tissue damage? Ailments or acne? Our team of healthcare experts shall provide you with personalized treatment plans to find the root cause of your health problems. Combine the balance of the mind, body, and spirit by combining the therapy of naturopathy, yoga and ambience. Visit our clinic and experience self-healing mechanisms of the body to treat diseases naturally.

Chronic disease or acute medical condition? The dedicated team of naturopaths at Colorado Natural Remedies make use of a wide range of healing processes such as herbal medication, lifestyle recommendations, diet, flower essences, massage, acupuncture, etc. Our philosophy is in the belief that the physical state of a patent can be cured with the healing power of nature.

Our techniques rest upon the body’s own healing energy and ability to repair itself and recover the illness in a supportive and healthy environment. Explore a wide range of therapies to restore your physical and emotional health at Colorado Natural Remedies. Promote positive well-being and healing in mind, body and spirit with naturopathic medicine treatment. Our skilled therapists help create awareness of well-being in our patients for long lasting health benefits, longevity and good health.

Do not know which therapy is best for you? Visit our clinic in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where our therapists will patiently listen to all your health troubles, while suggesting effective remedies and alternative treatment options. We specialize in treatments such as acupuncture for pain management, nutritional counseling, detoxification, homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine, spirituality, psychological and lifestyle counseling, physical medicine, water therapy or hydrotherapy, etc. Due to our holistic approach, naturopathy treatments can suit everyone starting from the infants to adults.