Naturopathy is an alternative treatment therapy that works towards curing a particular ailment without the use of medicine, in the strictest definition of the term. However, today Naturopathy is commonly regarded as a pseudo science and practitioners of naturopathy are not considered to be ‘real’ medical professionals. But, is that really true? Is naturopathy really based on ‘beliefs’ rather than facts? In the following post, we would be looking at some of the most common myths about Naturopathy and the reality behind them. So, let’s begin shall we?

Myth#1: Naturopathy is not licensed in United States

Naturopathy is licensed medical treatment in a number of American States. Naturopathy is licensed and regulated in the American states of Colorado, California, Alaska, District of Columbia, Arizona, Connecticut, Maine, Hawaii, Kansas, Maryland, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Utah, Minnesota, Vermont, and Washington. So, if you are getting in touch with a naturopath in these states, there is always a chance that the practitioner is licensed with the relevant authorities.

Myth#2: Naturopathy isn’t a Scientific Treatment Technique

One of the biggest myths that people believe to be true is that naturopathy isn’t based on science and hence, the treatment is not effective. However, scientific studies have recently shown that naturopathy treatment is indeed quite effective. Naturopaths rely on physical exam, clinical observations, lab tests and logical analysis, just like any ‘real’ doctor. However, there are some therapies that are not based on evidences. As a patient, you always have the right to know about the treatment you are given and whether it is backed by scientific evidence.

Myth # 3: Naturopathy isn’t Safe

Naturopathy enjoys an excellent safety record, something that can be hardly matched by any other treatment therapy. Naturopathy relies on non-invasive techniques and chemicals are not used as medicine. These two factors make Naturopathy relatively safer than other treatment techniques. Most professional naturopaths would identify a case to be outside their scope of treatment and in such cases, they would refer you to other medical practitioners

Myth # 4: Naturopathy Can’t Treat Serious Cases

Well, a lot of people don’t think of going to a naturopath when they have a ‘serious’ diseases. However, naturopathy has a long and illustrious history of treating some serious chronic and acute ailments. In fact, Naturopathy has shown to successfully treat ailments which other treatment techniques have failed.

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