Naturopathic Medicine1

No. Naturopathic Medicine treatment is indeed not a new area of medicine. In fact Eastern cultures have been using natural medicine for ages. Nowadays world is looking for a more natural, effective, safer and holistic way to cure ailments and to restore health and possibly this is why naturopathy has gained significant attention whatsoever.

Possibly you know this already; naturopathic medicine is based on the philosophy and belief that human body has its own innate healing abilities. The naturopathic physicians at the castle rock family acupuncture thus facilitates and enhance the body’s natural abilities for combatting disease. It views the patient as a whole person and indeed not just the symptoms they present.

As a matter of fact; the human body is typically made of interrelated system. Quite ideally therefore the physicians look to resolve the underlying problems that may cause of ones symptoms.

According to the physicians of the Castle Rock Acupuncture, Naturopathic approach thus typically composes comprehensive treatment plans that are specific to a single person. Tailored naturopathic medicine treatment thus combines the best modern medical practices and traditional natural medical approaches.

Yes; the physicians ensure their patients safety while sticking to the following three precepts:

  • Using low risk procedures
  • Not suppressing symptoms and customizing treatment to each patient
  • Prescribing dietary supplements, homeopathy, herbal extracts and acupuncture for pain management in place of drugs or invasive surgery

Acupuncture for Pain Management? Does that really work?

Let’s not deny; pain whether it’s acute or chronic, can rob you of the life. According to naturopathy, pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong. Fortunately, acupuncture has been shown as a powerful therapy that can be used as part of a pain management strategy.

Indeed; acupuncture is a time tested, scientifically validated, safe and effective method of dealing with pain. It also helps to reduce inflammation, relax muscles and improve circulation throughout the body. In fact it can also positively affect the nervous system and reduce the severity of pain that is experienced in the brain.

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