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Cure Insomnia and Chronic Pain with Naturopathic Medicine Treatment


Safeguard your health with naturopathic medicine treatment. Own a healthy lifestyle with the healing power of nature. Increase your body’s immunity to any kind of disease. By following and going beyond the general principles of healthcare, we focus at improving the immunity of the whole body. Rather than suppressing all the symptoms, our endeavors are towards eliminating the cause of the disease or discomfort.

Castle Rock Acupuncture understands the importance of a good night’s rest. Get rid of insomnia and stop staying at the mercy of sleeping pills and tablets which are sure to cause harm to your health in the near future. Try the calming and aromatic therapies at Colorado to relax and ease your body as well as your mind. Our patient practitioners will listen to all your concerns, while suggesting you with suitable alternatives to cure your distress. Colorado provides you with safe natural treatments to help the client achieve optimal health. Our process is executed by inserting thin and sterilized needles into your body. These needles are targeted to reach specific points of your body and are left over for a limited time. After the therapy you might feel slight pain in the places where the needles where inserted. However, the pain is very mild and equally short-lived, allowing you to heal in a couple of days, giving you a lot of time to feel replenished until your next session comes up.

Suffering from chronic pain? Continuously disappointed by convention medicines? Repeated dose of antibiotics and pain killers will negatively affect your health. The practitioners at Colorado uses the healing power of the 3000 year old technique of acupuncture to treat a wide range of conditions. Acupuncture also helps to stabilize the creation of fat burning hormones by the liver and kidneys. Help your body release happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. Embrace a healthy lifestyle with acupuncture.

Cure hormonal imbalances with acupuncture in Colorado. Since a majority of women are subjected to hormonal imbalances which cause sudden weight gain or loss, pain in lower spine or legs. Despite of their lifestyle remaining the same, women suffer from sudden outbursts of pain. This is where the natural option of Castle Rock Acupuncture comes in handy. Studies reveal that when women resorted to acupuncture for pain management improved tremendously without facing any side effects. From curing chronic pain to regularizing their menstrual cycles, our treatment has been successful every time.

Stop trusting healthcare options which makes you unintentionally depend upon prescription drugs for your survival. Try naturopathic medicine treatment to heal your body naturally. Get treated at a clinic which provides you with relief by using diverse range of treatments such as oriental medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, etc. Find healthy balance of body and mind with a team of dedicated individuals at Colorado. Our facilities are available at an affordable price. Get treated at the hands of licensed acupuncturists in an atmosphere that feels like home.

Effective Chronic Pain Relief at Castle Rock Acupuncture


Are you tired of sleepless nights? Tired of chronic pain? Stop staying at the mercy of pain killers and antibiotics. Heal your body the natural way at Colorado. A beautiful place to boost yourself, Colorado provides the best natural medicine to naturally heal your body. As the leading provider of naturopathic medicine treatment, we do not believe in suppressing your symptoms. Our efforts are aimed towards providing you permanent relief by curing your condition or distress from the roots.

All our treatments are aimed towards finding the root cause of your health problems. Our skilled practitioners will patiently listen to all your problems, only then suggesting you with alternate options to heal you naturally. Our patients are treated with an essential holistic approach, so that they feel valued while they undergo sessions at Colorado Natural Medicine. With our skilled practitioners from different disciplines, we treat each patient differently by providing them with alternate medicinal options. Our healthcare team uses essential Asian medicine, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, massage therapy and naturopathic medicine to treat you of your discomfort and end the treatment with a well formulated and comprehensive health plan to guarantee your wellness. Functioning in a society which is typically inclined towards an allopathic mindset, our naturopathic medicine treatment will enable your body to heal the problems on its own, while making sure they do not reoccur in the future.

Castle Rock acupuncture is a leading center in curing the imbalances of the body with acupuncture which involves inserting very fine needles into specific body parts to alleviate pain. It not only relieves chronic ache, but also prevents and treats diseases by improving general health. Although the traditional purpose of acupuncture is to balance the energy of the body while curing a wide range of disorders which is responsible for the overall health of a person, it is recently viewed by the western world as a pain relief option.

The benefits of our acupuncture includes curing digestive complaints such as irritable bowel symptom, nausea or vomiting. It is also beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis and in treating neurological disease like Parkinson’s disease or migraines. Asthma, sinusitis or other respiratory diseases can also be cured with acupuncture. It has also proved to be effective in curing anxiety, depression or other emotional disorder, infertility or gynecological disorders. Acupuncture treatment might seem to be weird at first as it includes herbal medicine, massage and modalities which diagnose chronic illness.

It is completely natural to feel pain in some of the points where needles were inserted, however most people say they don’t feel any pain in the majority of the insertions. Once inserted, the needles are allowed to rest for a span not exceeding 90 minutes. Acute cases usually require three to four sessions, while some chronic cases require as many as twelve treatments over the span of a few months. As one heals, the frequency of sessions are reduced. All our treatments at Castle Rock acupuncture are 100% and have no long term or short term, side effects. Experience natural healing today!

Non-Toxic Therapy with Colorado’s Naturopathic Medicine treatment


Colorado uses the healing power of the 3000 year old technique of acupuncture. We use the traditional Chinese medicine to treat a wide range of conditions. Our effective acupuncture for pain management promotes your body’s self-healing process by inserting fine, sterile needles into the skin. It also consists of manual massages, heat therapy, cupping, application of topical herbal medicines, etc. It can release the blocked activities of the body, stimulating the normal functions, evoking the body’s automatic healing process. People with tension, headache or migraine find this technique to be especially effective in removing the symptoms.

Modern science proves the effective impact of acupuncture on the cardiovascular system, nervous system, physiological and digestive systems. Come to Colorado and revitalize yourself by stimulating your body, resolving pain, improving your sleep cycle and a profound sense of well-being. Our acupuncture for pain management is renowned for its practicability, availability and safety. It is not only simple but also properly performed by well qualified trainers or practitioners. With adverse reactions being minimal, our treatments are very popular with our old and new patients.

Don’t just treat the symptoms. At Colorado we aim to treat the root cause of your illness. Colorado’s Naturalistic philosophy offers to you a holistic approach which assists in helping you rebuild your body’s natural healing, metabolism, growth and adaptation. As a primary healthcare provider, our skilled practitioners at Colorado patiently listen to all your problems, diagnose and treat your illness in a totally drugless and non-surgical manner. Our effective treatments include vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal medicine, diet therapy, massage therapy, etc.

Prepare your body for a drug free and totally natural treatment method. Our methods are famous for maintaining wellbeing after a good state of health is attained. We encourage minimal use of energy and unnecessary drug consumption, our naturopathic medicine treatment is defined by the healing forces of nature. Our naturopathic diagnosis is performed only after carefully analyzing the patient’s condition.

Lingering and Chronic Pain? Try Acupuncture for Pain Management


Is your pain making you look for health care options? Is conventional medicine disappointing you? Forget unintentional dependency cycle which is often a major by-product of prescription drug. Repeated and increased consumption of drug therapy which is not curative can have long-term effects on your health. This in turn increases your discomfort and pain.

Acupuncture for pain management provides immediate relief for patients suffering from pain related issues. It involves inserting of needles into specific locations of the patient’s body for treating physical, mental and emotional discomfort. Research demonstrates its effectiveness in the treatment of neck, back, knee pains or migraines. We perform a number of sessions and with every session there is a noticeable decrease in the pain and suffering. Multiple short visits are usually required to treat the pain completely. As you keep on healing, the sessions are reduced and you need to visit our clinic over a lengthy period of time.

Colorado is the leading center in providing naturopathic medicine treatment by accurate diagnosis which focuses on recognizing the root cause of a disease. Following the laws of nature, our treatment includes physical manipulation, homeopathy, hydropathy, clinical nutrition and botanical medicine. All our skilled professionals identify and remove the impediments to heal a patient. Simply suppressing the symptoms are not what we at Colorado believe in.

Our naturopathic doctor will work to restore the inherent healing abilities of your body to prevent further diseases from occurring. We emphasize on disease prevention by analyzing risk factors and bringing down the chances of hereditary susceptibility to diseases. Our naturopathic doctors will not only consider your physical symptoms, but also include other factors like mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. At Colorado we aim to encourage individuals to pursue the spiritual path for a healthy humanity to thrive.

Gain optimum health and balance. Experience positive energy in thought and action with naturopathic medicine treatment at Colorado. Become capable of maintaining your own health while preventing diseases and increasing health promotion.

Cure Chronic Pain with Acupuncture for Pain Management

Acupuncture for Pain Management

Colorado Natural Medicine Center works with the aim to provide you with effective pain management services to help reduce your pain, helping you regain your health.

We approach your health with a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to maximize your health, well-being and state of life. Our naturopathic medicine treatment include treatments such as physical manipulations, constitutional hydrotherapy, muscle-stretching, diet maintenance, herbal medicines and natural supplements. We relieve muscle tension and stress with effective physical manipulation. Increase blood circulation and reduce chronic pain with constitutional hydrotherapy.

As the leading pain management center, we help all our patients to tolerate discomfort and minimize stress with effective approaches such as meditation training, biofeedback, breath work and guided energy. Our innovative approach in the field of mind-body medicine teaches our patients to reduce pain by relaxing and breathing into the experience.

Our comprehensive approach enables us to draw upon a variety of effective natural approaches like acupuncture and herbal medicine. Our extensive experience in the field of healthcare enables us to provide the widest range of possibilities while dealing with your pain. By implementing the perfect combination of herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, our stocked pharmacy of herbal formulas, herbal tinctures, capsules and tinctures treats you in such a pain relieving manner that relief follows naturally. Our acupuncture for pain management sessions are also accompanied by sessions involving electric stimulation, cupping, etc.

At Colorado we recognize pain as a symptom of an underlying deeper cause. It is our body’s attempt to get our attention towards the issue. By dint of our deeper holistic approach and naturopathic medicine treatment, we are able to achieve results in the fields where conventional medicine fails by emphasizing too narrowly on drugs.

Recognized as the leading center in the realm of acupuncture for pain management, the doctors in Colorado are skilled in acupuncture and intimately familiar with each of the hundreds of minute points and meridians in the body. When needles are inserted into these points, it clears the blocked pathways of the body, thus restoring the body’s balance and curing the root cause of the chronic pain.

Acupuncture for Pain Management: Natural Health Remedy


Are you suffering from a lingering pain for years? Tired of being at the mercy of painkillers? Try our acupuncture for pain management. Rather than suppressing your symptoms or providing temporary relief, we believe in finding and treating each person’s condition or distress. The team of practitioners at Colorado follow an essential holistic approach, treating each person as a unique individual.

Insomnia? Deep tissue damage? Ailments or acne? Our team of healthcare experts shall provide you with personalized treatment plans to find the root cause of your health problems. Combine the balance of the mind, body, and spirit by combining the therapy of naturopathy, yoga and ambience. Visit our clinic and experience self-healing mechanisms of the body to treat diseases naturally.

Chronic disease or acute medical condition? The dedicated team of naturopaths at Colorado Natural Remedies make use of a wide range of healing processes such as herbal medication, lifestyle recommendations, diet, flower essences, massage, acupuncture, etc. Our philosophy is in the belief that the physical state of a patent can be cured with the healing power of nature.

Our techniques rest upon the body’s own healing energy and ability to repair itself and recover the illness in a supportive and healthy environment. Explore a wide range of therapies to restore your physical and emotional health at Colorado Natural Remedies. Promote positive well-being and healing in mind, body and spirit with naturopathic medicine treatment. Our skilled therapists help create awareness of well-being in our patients for long lasting health benefits, longevity and good health.

Do not know which therapy is best for you? Visit our clinic in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where our therapists will patiently listen to all your health troubles, while suggesting effective remedies and alternative treatment options. We specialize in treatments such as acupuncture for pain management, nutritional counseling, detoxification, homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine, spirituality, psychological and lifestyle counseling, physical medicine, water therapy or hydrotherapy, etc. Due to our holistic approach, naturopathy treatments can suit everyone starting from the infants to adults.

Body pain often results from hormonal imbalance. How Acupuncture can help?


Women are subjected to health problems relating to changes in sexual health, menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalances. Ladies often report to their physician about sudden weight gains, fatigue, pain in legs and lower spine. Although, their lifestyle hasn’t changed, what could have possibly resulted in such health issues? Medical tests have been able to figure out the problem that is massively increasing amount of testosterone, increase or decrease estrogens and progesterone in the body. In case you are facing such issues, instead of taking hormone pills for the rest of your life, you should look for more natural options like Naturopathic Medicine treatment.

How Acupuncture can help?

The studies are pretty much clear when it comes to hormonal imbalance. Women who have resorted on acupuncture for pain management showed tremendous improvements in several areas, even better than the results that you get by having hormone balance pills as you get no side effects. Amazingly, women who opt for acupuncture actually lose more weight and experience a far quicker reaction when it comes to regularize their menstrual cycles.

In addition to this, several other studies have shown that regular treatments of Castle Rock acupuncture can have healthy effects all over the body, together with stabilizing the production of fat burning hormones by the kidneys and liver, as well as the release of the happy hormones dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

When choosing an acupuncture clinic, try to pick the ones that are located near your place because the treatment may require you to visit the clinic for a couple of months and sometimes a year. So, a Castle Rock family acupuncture clinic combines caring staff and expert treatment to bring you back to old self quickly. You are not the only woman to rely on acupuncture to treat your condition. There are many who choose nearest practitioner and book short courses. The results are surprising!

Why Naturopathic Medicine is coming to the Forefront of Health-Care?


Naturopathic medicine treatment is a different stream of healthcare and profession that has been widely accepted by people for its innovative approach and less-drug involved treatment. This means, your health issue is cured from the roots and there are no chances of side effects unlike drugs and medicines.

Focusing on prevention and using natural substances and treatments, naturopathic doctors hold up and stimulate the body’s capacity to heal itself. The naturopathic approach is wide-ranging, assimilated scientific knowledge with a number of deep-rooted alternative therapeutic systems, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Herbal and Chinese medicine
  • TimeWaver technology
  • Acupuncture for pain management
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Manual therapies such as massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy etc.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

These can be further divided into 2 parts:

  1. Branch that addresses the causes of illness:

Our communication with physical environment – what we eat, how we live and what we breathe greatly monitors the cause of the disease. These are addressed in the best way by the use of holistic nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine and ancient proven remedies. Usually, a Castle Rock acupuncture clinic offers comprehensive treatment to eradicate your disease from its root.

  1. Branch that addresses the underlying emotional and mental causes of psychosomatic symptoms:

These focus on the internal unevenness that persists even when you live in an optimal environment and lead a quality lifestyle. These are taken care of by energy medicine, psychotherapy and even Chinese therapy such as acupuncture. If you are searching for naturopathic treatment, look for a Castle Rock family acupuncture clinic. Acupuncture can relieve stress, boost positive feelings and help you embark on a healthy lifestyle. Naturally, you will feel optimistic and can keep depression at bay.

Dealing with chronic pains? Here’s how Castle Rock family acupuncture can help


The key benefit of choosing Castle Rock family acupuncture is that here you won’t be subjected to lectures or belittled about your style of living. Rather, you will be provided the requisite treatment through naturopathy to cure your problems. The cozy and healthy environment will make you feel relaxed from inside which is very essential before the session begins.

Experience counts

The family clinic that offer naturopathy medicine treatment along with acupuncture has years of experience in this domain. As licensed acupuncturist they have sound knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well. With a naturopath, you double up your chances of getting cure without any side effects. However, it may take a longer time that surgery or other strong medications.

Nearness counts

If you are living in Castle Rock, why drive to a clinic that is located in Matney Park? With the thunderstorm and rain knocking at the doors, you would often feel like skipping your session for acupuncture for pain management if you have to drive a long way. Hence, Castle Rock Acupuncture clinic that is located near the corner of your house is always a better option, especially, if your treatment compels you to visit the clinic for a year or so.

Unlike some professionals, the Castle Rock Acupuncture has formal training in offering acupuncture and naturopathy. All the treatments that you receive are of highest possible standard and in lieu with the newest additions in naturopathy. To a trusted clinic, every patient is different and so is the treatment.

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